Sequential Old Fart

The psychiatric hospital staff tries in vain to convince the protagonist that he isn’t actually a secret agent with a license to kill. This could have been interesting, but the constant drug hallucinations make it incoherent and incomprehensible instead.

Verdict: dropped.

Monster Soup

Five different misbehaving monsters are sent to the same supernatural detention facility. Looks very good and seems to be going somewhere.

Verdict: kept.

The Wizard School

This looks like a Harry Potter rip-off for all of three pages and then subverts the concept brutally on page 4.

Verdict: kept.

Our Intrepid Crew

Multi-species space opera about a runaway noblewoman of the purple-skinned and pointy-eared variety. Excellent visuals, promising story.

Verdict: kept.

Max Overacts

Eight-year-old Max wants to become an actor, and so he practises his art constantly. Everywhere, all the time, whether or not other people think it’s appropriate for the situation. The varied reactions from his unwilling audiences and the coping mechanisms invented by the people who have to deal with him regularly keep it from becoming repetitive.

Verdict: kept.